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What if your guests aren't dancers?

by Corey Brown on 10/25/16

So if your guests don't dance what should you do? Obviously it nice when we at SC Party DJ have crowds that don't require motivation and like to "cut a rug" without any help from the DJ but that doesn't happen all the time. First of all you need to hire a DJ company like us that can gauge the crowd and play the right songs at the right time. Secondly you need a DJ / entertainer that is not obnoxious. We do not harass people to dance but use our skills to get them up on their feet. Thirdly you need a DJ who can be creative and lead the crowd in a party train or setup a Hollywood Blvd to encourage participation without making people feel awkward. Fourthly you need  SC Party DJ.  Finally, if for some reason the crowd is just not dancers it's okay. It is still better to have a company playing some great tunes instead of listening to the crickets chirp. Be sure and check out one of our favorite venues - The Loom at Cotton Mill Place

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