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We had a wonderful wedding thanks to Corey Brown! He has a wonderful questionnaire that helps to make your day as perfect as it can be. Also he is a lot of fun. If you book him for a wedding, he has a lot of fun games you can utilize during the reception that everyone will get in to.

Apparently, we got it right!

by Corey Brown on 11/24/15

Several weeks ago we wrote an article on BlogSpot and Enzine about the trend of the noisy and overly chatty DJ becoming a thing of the past. Who hasn't heard the story of why we cut the cake and who really cares so let's get someone who can make an announcement without making a dissertation out of it. At The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ we can talk alongside the best talkers - we just choose not to. We make short deliberate announcements and guide our couples throughout the day with ease. Several venues have told us what a pleasure it was to have someone who did not feel like they needed to talk all night long. Well shortly after righting my article I read one by Colin Cowie Weddings titled "11 ways to make your wedding more fun" (to read click on the link: but in the article under #4 it states

4. Amazing DJ
No pressure, but a DJ can make or break your wedding reception. You don’t want someone shouting into the microphone all night,  but rather someone who can manage the flow of the party with ease. Choose a DJ who just gets you and accepts your disdain for group dances.

All credit for this excerpt goes to Colin Cowie weddings which is trademarked.

Apparently we got it right, noisy and overly chatty DJ's are becoming a thing of the past.


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